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Our Leadership Team

Dr. Thelma Ramsey, Principal of John L. Costley Middle School and head of the Leadership Team. Her dedication to students and family is expressed through one of her favorite quotes from Langston Hughes;Ms. Thelma Ramsey, Principal
One of the great needs of Negro children is to have books about themselves and their lives that can help them be proud.
Dr. Older Azard, Assistant Principal
Dr. Older Azard, Assistant Principal believes that education should be purposeful and people moved to uplift not just themselves but their community at large.
Mrs.Tamiko Gourdine-Broadway
Dean of Discipline
Dean of Discipline
Ms. Shakinah Riley-Lavendar, M. Ed.                                                                   Ms. Matrice Gregg
Culture & Climate Specialist                                                                                         Data Coach
Mrs. Nelicia Nesbeth                                                                                       Mrs. Elizabeth Potucek
Math Coach                                                                                                              Literacy Coach       
                                                                       Mrs. Elizabeth Potucek